Equity Bank on the spot over Sh 970,216 stolen from client’s account


Kenyans on social media petition Equity Bank Group CEO James Mwangi to intervene. PHOTO/COURTESY


A 73-years old woman is demanding Sh 970,216 from Equity Bank after the money was stolen from her account.

Ms Faith Wanjiru alleges that she opened an account with Equity bank on the 31st day of May 2019 and deposited Sh 2 million after she sold a piece of land.

“My idea was to buy another land and build a simple house, to live in for the rest of my life. I got land and paid my first installment of Kshs. 1M a few days later and was to complete payment of the purchase price upon attaining consent of the Land Control Board (LCB),” she notes.

However, her dream was shattered when discovered that on the 16th day of July 2019 the sum of Kshs. 970,216, was illegally siphoned from her account in four series of transactions using Equity Bank’s Eazzy App platform.

The money was wired to the following accounts: Ksh 300, 030. 00 to Vivian Jelagat Kips, Ksh 300, 030. 00 transferred to Anthony Babu Kaira, Ksh 300, 030. 00 Kelvin Maina Mwaniki and Ksh 70, 000.00 to various Equity numbers.

Ms Wanjiru alleges that this happened while she has no smart phone and she has never registered to use Equity Bank’s Eazzy App platform.

“Eventually, your staff came up with a report, which they refused to share with me or give me a copy. I was simply told that because my sister assisted me to withdraw money from an ATM – I compromised my PIN and could not be assisted further,” she adds.

Efforts to get a comment from Equity Bank were fruitless.

She adds that she is sick and her sister is her only trusted caretaker and the bank employees have told her that she is not among the suspects.

“I am landless because I am in default of a land agreement. All that because someone in your bank, a bank I trusted with my dreams and vision was careless or is intentionally stealing,” she complains.

Ms Wanjiru says it is unfortunate that her money was withdrawn through an APP she does not have on her phone and the bank has refused to act in good faith.

Kenyans on social media have launched a campaign to compel Equity Bank to refund her money.


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