Freelance journalists in Kenya and globally to set prices for their content as innovative online news syndication platform is launched in India


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Freelance journalists in Kenya and around the world now have an opportunity to set prices for their content following the launch of a content development and syndication online platform in India.

India’s leading content development and syndication online platform for unique multi-media news The Pebble is set to be rolled out in different markets in the near future including Africa and the US.

The Pebble provides a platform for freelance journalists to market their stories, pictures, videos, cartoons, infographics, motion infographics and podcasts to an international audience in multiple languages is set to launch in Kenya next month. The journalists decide and set price for their stories.

The platform gives print and online publishers from around the globe, a platform to source for stories, pictures, slides, photo galleries, videos, cartoons, graphics, motion graphics and podcasts of interest to their markets in multiple languages.

According to the Founder, Mr Anil Kumar, The Pebble, which has been built with inputs from journalists around the world, has a simple interface that works on phone and the internet.

“The Pebble platform allows journalists to submit their content in any language and any format and set their price for prospective buyers,” Mr Kumar said in an interview.

Some of The Pebble’s subscribers/publishers include Times of India which is the country’s leading newspaper Hindustan Times the second leading newspaper, Punjab Kesari, a national newspaper that publishes in Hindi,  Network 18 a leading media and entertainment company in India, with interests in television, internet, filmed entertainment, digital commerce, magazines, mobile content and allied businesses and Opera News a global news portal, that provide breaking news, latest in-depth features, profiles and interviews.

“With hundreds of subscribers looking for unique stories, we have tailored The Pebble as a democratic market place for journalists and publishers that give them a higher potential for the content they generate and buy,” Mr Kumar added.

He said that The Pebble is a unique platform that allows freelance journalists complete control over the pricing of their content, its exclusivity or on-exclusivity and duration of the content in the marketplace.


Journalists open an account on The Pebble website, and go through a quality check and then start to post their content (stories, pictures, slides, photo galleries, videos, cartoons, infographics and motion infographics) in different languages and formats for potential publishers to buy.

Their content becomes instantly available for buying to all leading publishers around the world, the moment it is posted on The Pebble website giving subscribed publishers firsthand opportunity to access content of their choice.

Hundreds of news subscribers/publishers, watching out for unique stories purchase content of their interest, money due to the reporter is automatically credited in their account.  No more follow-ups on payments.


Publishers from anywhere in the world can buy content of any type that include-stories, pictures, videos, slides, photo galleries, cartoons, info graphics and motion graphics from The Pebble website

All publishers’ needs to do is to create an account on The Pebble and start by funding their wallet with the amount they are comfortable with. Whenever they like a story, they can simply buy it with a single click of a button.

The cost of the story automatically gets deducted from their wallet. The publisher has the right to also reject a story within three minutes of buying it. The unused money from the wallet remains intact.

Subscription to The Pebble network is currently by invitation or referral only. You should receive an invitation from the editorial team of The Pebble. If you want to be considered as a member for The Pebble, please send a request here.

For inquiries concerning The Pebble in Kenya contact our Country Representative Patrick Mayoyo at the following email:

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