Growing media industry in Africa to benefit from SGI Dubai 2020 printing and signage expo


A worker displays a signage to be exhibited during the SGI Dubai 2020 show. PHOTO/COURTESY


The signage and wide format printing industry in Africa would immensely benefit from the upcoming SGI Dubai 2020 trade show, organizers of the event have said.

According to, International Expo Consults, the organisers of the SGI Dubai 2020 show, the exhibition, currently in its 23rd consecutive year will be held at the iconic, Dubai World Trade Centre, from January 12th to 14th 2020.

“Among the growing number of visitors we welcome from across the globe every year, we have been witnessing a growing contingent from the African region year on year. The visitors are particularly from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Egypt and Libya among other African nations,” Mr Sharif Rahman, the CEO of International Expo Consults (IEC) said.

Mr Rahman said the geographical proximity of the show provides an accessible platform for the African business owners to source top of the line machines with the latest technology through bypassing the middleman.

SGI Dubai 2020 is a must attend event for African sign-makers, print and production manufacturers, media agencies, mall owners, car wrapping industry, real-estate developers, hospitality and tourism industries, 3D printing industry, architects, brand and image consultants among other stakeholders.

“The visitors to the show are able to get the most competitive rates directly from the exhibitors and manufacturers of the top brands through bypassing the middleman,” he said.

Mr Sharif Rahman the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of International Expo Consults (IEC),the organizers of SGI Dubai 2020 . PHOTO/COURTESY

Mr Rahman said the MENA printing market is set to touch US$ 54 billion mark by 2022, while the African Development Bank projects the GDP in Africa to rise by 4 and 4.1% in the present and next year which provides for an increased spending on advertising and marketing and subsequently printing and signage.

SGI Dubai 2020 will also include a car wrapping competition – ‘Masters of Wrap 2020’ and seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts under the banner of ‘Knowledge Series 2020’. During the previous edition SGI Dubai welcomed over 330 global exhibitors from across 30+ countries and registered thousands of trade visitors from around the world.

“The show has been an integral part of not just the Middle East, but its influence extends to larger parts of Africa as well. The growing visitor count is a testimony of the show’s success as a result of the benefits we offer the various stakeholders,” Mr Rahman said.

He added that the event has been utilised as a platform to introduce and launch numerous brands in the region and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to research and make informed business decisions amongst all the leading brands under one roof.

SGI Dubai is an ideal converging point where visitors and exhibitors can influence and engage with architects, sign makers, print and production manufacturers, media agencies, real-estate developers, brand and image consultants among others.

“SGI Dubai is an ideal converging point where visitors and exhibitors can influence and engage with architects, sign makers, print and production manufacturers, media agencies, real-estate developers, brand and image consultants among others,” Mr Rahman said.

In addition to the existing digital printing, signage, textile printing, screen printing, retail and LED categories the show will have a renewed focus on digital display, labelling and branding, metal cutting and engraving, spare parts and consumable, artificial intelligence, software and paper sectors.

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