Portland Cement resumes production after completing Sh 500m plant upgrade


East African Portland Cement Managing Director Eng. Oliver Kirubai. PHOTO/UGC


East African Portland Cement Plc has resumed cement production from its own clinker following a replacement of part of its Kiln Shell at a cost of Sh 500 million.

The cement company’s Kiln Shell had dilapidated over the years causing frequent downtimes.

According to the firm’s Managing Director Eng. Oliver Kirubai, the upgrade, which is part of the company’s recently launched five year strategic plan that is pegged on a long term performance driven cycle to put it back firmly on a profitability path, had been overdue and the completion of this project is a major milestone for the Company.

We have already started producing our own Clinker after an upgrade of our Kiln. With the upgrade, we expect improved plant reliability and an output increase of almost 50%. Blue Triangle Cement will be produced in plenty and availed across the Country,” Mr Kirubai said.

He noted that the upgrade and optimal running of the plant will also lead to efficient energy consumption.

This means that the company will be able to produce its products at a cost that will allow it to avail Blue Triangle Cement to its customers at friendlier prices.

East African Portland Cement plant in Athi River. PHOTO/UGC

Mr Kirubai gave an assurance to customers that the company is now fully back to operations and that Blue Triangle Cement orders will be serviced within the agreed turnaround times in line with the Customer Service Charter.

The firm’s Head of Plant Operations said that the replaced part of the Kiln will ensure constant running leading increased clinker production.

“We have been waiting to undertake this project and now that it is done, we can guarantee continuous plant availability,” said Eng. Irungu.

He added that with optimal running, the Company will be able to produce enough quality clinker to grind cement that will satisfy its market.

East African Portland Cement PLC has been Kenya’s leading cement manufacturer since 1933, producing world class cement.

Its flagship brand is Blue Triangle Cement, appreciated as a symbol of quality and reliability. The nation’s historical structural icons, such as KICC, Thika Superhighway and Chemususu Dam have been built using Blue Triangle Cement.


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