Come and take up 30,000 jobs in the Gulf States, recruitment agency asks Kenyans


Competitive Manpower International Limited boss, Mr Moses Adala. PHOTO/JOSEPH MATHENGE


A local foreign migrant workers recruitment agency Competitive Manpower International Ltd has secured more than 30,000 jobs for Kenyans in Gulf States, the firm’s Director, Mr Moses Adala, has said.

Mr Adala said the jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers are available in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait.

“We are currently recruiting for an employer known as Al Maray that is recruiting drivers, salesmen, sales assistants and technicians for jobs in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait.

In an interview, Mr Adala appealed to many Kenyans who lost their jobs due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to come forward and apply for the vacancies in the Gulf States saying so far they have only managed to recruit 1,215 people for jobs in Saudi Arabia, 272 in Kuwait and 88 only in UAE.

“As a company we are facilitating these vacancies free-of-charge as we are not charging any commission and we are helping the jobseekers to process their travel documents that include certificates of good conduct, medical checks and processing of passports and visas,” he said.

 The Competitive Manpower International Limited boss said all the applicants are supposed to provide are their curriculum vitae, a certificate of good conduct and the company would help them process other travel documents.

Mr Adala said apart from Al Maray which is recruiting 10.000 workers, they had also been contracted by Nada of United Arab Emirates (UAE) which requires 3,000 workers and AYTB of Damar, Kuwait that requires the balance.

“We are appealing to jobless Kenyans to come-out in large numbers and take up these jobs and we will facilitate their travel including offering them air-tickets to their job destinations,” he said.

However, contrary to Mr Adala’s assertions that the processing of travel documents for the jobseekers that include passports and visas will be free-of-charge, the normal practice is that the employers cater for such costs and they recover them from the workers’ wages on a monthly basis.

Mr Adala said the offers from the Gulf States were a great opportunity to help Kenyans who lost their jobs due to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic to start earning a living and assist their families.

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