Revealed: I have been a walking guinea pig


Receiving the World Social and Environment Responsibility Award in 2007.


Since December last year when I thwarted a plot to have me arrested and admitted in a mental hospital, I had been wondering why someone was determined to harm me.

I thought I was being pursued because of some investigative stories I was working on, I have unfortunately discovered that I was wrong. Someone has been using me as a guinea pig.

I came to this realisation after piercing together a pattern of incidents and interviews by friendly people who were willing to give me information.

All this developments started in December when I participated in a call for a journalism innovation project by the University of Central Lancashire and I proposed to design a journalism artificial intelligence solution.

After my proposal went through ideation it was among those selected and told to submit my passport and be ready to travel to UK by January. However, after three days I received an email indicating that there had been a change of plan and my application had been rejected. I blamed many people, but now I know where the problem came from.

In the recent past I have experienced strange happenings like going to a restaurant and after taking tea or a meal, I start feeling dizzy, drowsy or anxious. I now fear to go to many restaurants because I might end up eating meals spiked with the unknown substances.

If I go to the bar and fail to watch my drink it would be spiked with another monster that would disorient me for a number of days before I fully recover my mental faculties.

A number of friends have confided in me that there is some kind of research going on and I am central to it. Sometime last year I protested how I went to my local and there was an attempt to poison me. I was wrong; the substance I had taken was just among those being used in this strange ‘study.’

Receiving the European Commission’s Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2016, Europe Professional Journalism Prize from Richard Jones, Associate Editor Devex.

Two weeks ago I went to my local and took my usual drink but the following day I was disoriented for the following three days or so before I recovered.  Unfortunately, a team of journalists are part of this strange project.

After consuming a drink spiked with those lethal substances, I get disoriented for two to three days; the job of these journalists is to spread propaganda that I have gone crazy. I don’t know what happened to journalism in this country.

This so called research is led by a PhD holder who I thought was my friend but was instead using me as guinea pig. What happened to human dignity?

After eating a meal spiked with the strange substances there were people there observing me keenly and when I have consumed one of those lethal drinks, a number of people would start calling me who include family, friends, professional colleagues and bar owners.

But this so called research did not start yesterday; I was forced to resign from my former employment after I went to the office in a trance. Since then I have remotely seen a waiter put something in my glass on four occasions.

I initiated investigations into this issue last year suspecting that someone powerful wanted to harm me after being trailed and monitored by people suspected to be state security agents, but it is turning out that I was wrong.

These violations are an intrusion on his my fundamental rights as protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

I have officially filed a complaint with the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), currently consulting with Article19 and a lawyer on the next cause of action.

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