Social Media Policy


Social media platforms are today key sources of not only breaking news but also tools being utilized by journalists and bloggers for news gathering.

Having emerged in the recent past as major channels for publishing news and information to the general public, the new media outlets that include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In, Instagram and others are playing a key role in how information is disseminated to the general public globally.

It is against this background that both members of the public, our journalists and bloggers have to use them within the confines of the law.

Just as our journalists are required to operate within the realms of journalistic ethics while writing stories for our websites and newspapers, they have to adhere to same ethics while utilising social media platforms.

In the same stride that we want our journalists and bloggers to adhere to journalistic ethics while on social media sites, we expect our readers to exercise the same caution and professionalism.

Consequently, as an organization, we are not going to allow our social media platforms to be used to propagate hate speech, infringe on other peoples’ privacy, malign or advance defamatory remarks.