UPU CEO Forum closes as DG hails postal alliances as vision for future


Universal Postal Union (UPU) Director General Bishar A. Hussein and another participant during the closing ceremony of the 2018 UPU World CEO Forum in Istanbul May 10. PHOTO/UPU



The big global network of captains of the Post is an asset to the sector, Universal Postal Union (UPU) Director General Bishar A. Hussien, has said.

Mr Bashir who was speaking during the 2018 edition of the UPU Forum that was hosted by the Turkish Post from May 9 and 10 thanked postal chief executives for their participation and their drive to move the entire sector forward.

“We have agreed that our big global network is an asset for us,” said Mr Hussein.

Leaders of the world’s Posts came together to exchange ideas for harnessing the digital revolution  during the UPU Forum held under the title “Postal digital dividends: A new portfolio, better performance or a redefined mission?”

“How are we using this advantage to create a competitive edge for our businesses? Is there the possibility that we can pool ourselves together to project a formidable force that would be impossible to beat?,” Mr Hussein asked CEOs.

Mr Hussein noted that this possibility is something which has already been discussed internally at the UPU. He affirmed that potential to form stronger alliances between postal operators would be kept front of mind while drafting the next World Postal Strategy, which will first be presented to the Extraordinary Congress in Ethiopia this September.

A speaker at the 2018 UPU World CEO Forum in Istanbul. PHOTO/UPU

Conclusions drawn during the Forum will also form the basis of a special message to the Ministerial Strategy Conference being held within the Extraordinary Congress.

For his part, Turkish Post Director General Kenan Bozgeyik reminded CEOs not to leave employees behind as they undertake digital transformations to fulfil changing customer demands.

“Birds cannot fly with one single wing, so we know that employee satisfaction is as an important as customer satisfaction. If our employees are happy, so are our customers,” said Mr Bozgeyik.

The UPU World CEO Forum is an exclusive event designed to give the captains of the Post a space where they can develop strategies to move the sector forward, share best practices and network among their peers.

Previous editions have been held in Paris and Moscow. The venue of the next UPU World CEO Forum will be announced shortly.

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