Why Raila’s NRM should not engage in violence and instead wage an economic war against Jubilee


They say nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty. These gentlemen endured it all on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 as Kenya police used tear gas and water cannons disperse opposition leader Raila Odinga’s supporters on his return from a US trip. PHOTO/PATRICK NGUGI



Today I must address NASArites (National Super Alliance supporters); because I fear you have forgotten the road our people have traveled. And those around you might be reluctant to trouble you with history lessons that you yourselves have been part of. It is good manners to refer to those moments experienced, but it is new ideas that have ensured humanity’s survival over millennia.

I must remind us of 2007, when we, together with BABA (NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga) built a team more formidable than what we had in 2002. We beat retired President Mwai Kibaki and his PNU hands down. 6.5 provinces to 1.5. And they responded by brazenly hanging on to power. They declared war on your people. We trusted the international community to intervene.

We trusted our fellow countrymen, the church-going, peace-loving people, to see injustice and resist it. But we refused to see that we were already colonized. We forgot that Kibaki and his PNU were not the pioneers of ethnocracy (autocracy), but merely inherited the ethnocracy (kleptocracy) that Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta built.

The allies and beneficiaries of economic apartheid and tyranny did not care about the death and genocide. All they cared about was whether their privilege was threatened or not. The moment Kibaki was sworn-in they knew their privilege was secure. So these pretend Christians, charlatans and masters of pantomime humanity turned a blind eye to the killings and the tyranny that ensued.

Fight economic apartheid

The the plush, multi-million-shilling palace in Eldoret town, that belongs to Deputy President William Ruto. PHOTO/COURTESY

And because they have colonized the economy through economic apartheid, the international community is their business partners and golf buddies. They don’t care about police carrying out genocide as long as the people in power are able to keep the country running well enough for their profits to be secure. The ethnocracy defends its privilege and economic domination, the international community defends its profits and access to power.

We chose to negotiate with the colonialists, the tyranny. And they gave us a paper post-Prime Minister and proceeded to severely undermine our people. But we managed to squeeze a new constitution out of it; we can pat ourselves on the back for that. But even that was ravaged and adulterated before it was promulgated. We blinked first in every single staring contest with Kibaki. He realized the trick was to out-wait us.

In 2013 the same games were played. Again we blinked first. And our people were mocked, savaged and ridiculed. The allies of tyranny laughed, called us lazy and cowardly, mocked as they pocketed the proceeds of economic apartheid and societal privilege.

Now again President Uhuru Kenyatta is all set to be sworn in. They are laughing and mocking. Because they already know we will blink first. The question is, will we?

This is not the time for protests. Many were killed in August and even before. Their deaths were meaningless. They achieved nothing. Our people are dying for nothing. Understand that. This is not the time for political experiments. The charlatans and pretend Christians are calling for genocide. And the police are happily carrying it out. And the sons and daughters of privilege are cheering at the blood of your people. Because they say we are lazy, violent and stupid. They say we have no stake in the economy.

Why violence should not be an option

A victim of police brutality in Migori being assisted by Red Cross volunteers after he was shot. PHOTO/FILE

This is not the time for half-hearted measures. These measures have left people dead. Meaningless deaths son of Jaramogi. Meaningless. The deaths have achieved nothing. No reforms, no justice, no end to tyranny. The deaths have achieved absolutely nothing. The bereaved are your people, now further in poverty and sorrow than before.
Meanwhile tyranny is now emboldened.

They will continue looting the economy and spreading resources in a skewed manner. Our indecisiveness will ruin our people. Meanwhile the sons and daughters of privilege will fill their barns and banks. Money rules, so our people will have less and less stake in the economy.

Because tyranny knows we will blink first, they will meet every challenge with more brutality than the last. What did Moraa Nyarangi die for? A meaningless death. Nothing has been achieved. Nothing.  Stephanie Moraa, a Standard Four pupil at Mathare Primary School was killed in the violence that rocked Mathare after the August 8 General Election.

WE are a people called by God’s name. WE must not take our influence lightly. Yet we experiment and blink at every turn. Their blood cannot continue to be meaningless in this way.

Random protests are not working because the charlatans care only when privilege is threatened. The foreigners only care when profits are threatened. America does not give half a rat’s behind whether all Luos or Luhyas or Maasais and all their cattle are killed or not. As long as someone remains to buy their goods and work in their firms. See how they threw the Kurds under the bus? See how they are bosom friends with Israel who have a boot on Palestine’s neck.


Forget about seceding and instead wage an economic war

NRM has asked its supporters to boycott Safaricom, Bidco and Brookeside products

So this is what must happen. WE CANNOT SECEDE, we have no arms. We cannot impeach, we have no numbers in Parliament. But WE MUST wage economic war on the ethnocracy. Political power needs a call to arms, but economic power needs a CALL TO COINS. WE must lead our people to a decisive economic war. No more meaningless deaths.

We have the upper hand in 19 counties. Establish an economic zone. Build a fish-net factory in Nyanza and let the people exclusively buy from there. Build dairy industries in the 19 counties, build coffee industries in Kisii, build coconut industries at the coast, build wheat industries in Narok, build oil mining companies in Turkana, and build a self-reliant and independent economy.

Deliberately and defiantly. If Kamba, Ogiek, Somali, renegade Kikuyu, Luo, Kisii and all NASA supporters are being evicted from houses in Nairobi, let a co-operative of those 19 counties invest in houses in Nairobi. Whole estates even. War is already declared on the people, they must fight back with their labor and their money.

All these new industries will create jobs. They will create a political space that is truly just and fair. And when this version of North Korean juche (self-reliance) is done, those who are laughing and mocking now will know that the collective market of 19 counties has defied them and lived. No more meaningless deaths of NASArites.

An eagle does not fight a shark in water. Let’s make it extremely hard for anyone associated with tyranny to do business in those 19 counties. If a policeman kills an innocent civilian, identify him and his businesses. Boycott them with absoluteness and dedication. If a security official gives illegal orders against the people, identify him and his businesses and boycott them. Make acts of tyranny extremely expensive for individuals.


Let there be a call to coins, and the ethnocracy will have to pay attention. In this way also, the regions that have been marginalized for decades will thrive. Our people have suffered enough. They have been mocked, they have been ridiculed, they have been threatened and brutalized, they have been belittled and excluded. Their pain and anger is decades old. They have wounds from 1969. It is time we defined our own destiny. Not to run away to seclusion.

A final word to my fellow NASArites. Change will come, and tyranny will fall. True, Baba has been the leader of the struggle.

But a struggle is what produces leaders, not the other way around. So let’s build a movement that does not lose momentum the moment we cross the border. The people must have leaders for every season.

A true believer in reform and justice.

By KINGSLEY NDIEWO is an electronics engineer and federation evangelist at Kenyans for a Federation


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